The Gold Coast's
Tastiest Chicken

When it comes to poultry, few producers are as recognised and regarded as our friends at Nerang Park Poultry.

For years they’ve been supplying South East Queensland’s finest restaurants, so Gold Coast Fresh Meat Centre is proud to be able to send that same restaurant quality chicken home with you – what’s more, we do it at a price point that constantly rivals the big chain supermarkets.

  • Chicken Kievs

    ($12.99/kg) $7.15$14.30
  • Chicken Kebabs

    ($14.99/kg) $9.00
  • Crumbed Chicken Breast Schnitzels

    ($12.99/kg) $6.50$15.60
  • Chicken Drumettes

    ($7.99/kg) $6.40
  • Eggs

  • Chicken Wings

    ($4.99/kg) $6.00
  • Chicken Drumsticks

    ($4.99/kg) $7.00
  • Chicken Leg Thigh Fillet

    ($10.99/kg) $8.25$13.75
  • Chicken Tenderloin

    ($14.99/kg) $9.00
  • Chicken Maryland

    ($6.99/kg) $9.80
  • Chicken Breast Fillet

    ($10.99/kg) $9.90
  • Whole Chicken

    ($4.99/kg) $12.00
  • Chicken Breast Fillet Bag

    ($9.99/kg) $18.00

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