Frequently Asked Questions

Check through some frequently asked questions.

Online you can buy our fresh quality products the same way you would if you stepped inside our shop. Our butchers and service staff are working everyday to pack our coolroom full of tasty, fresh meat options. We want you to have access to all those options in the same way, online.


Our Home Page and Shop Page contain links to all categories of meat and other items for sale. You can also access all categories from the main menu at the top of the screen.  The Shop Page also has information on featured products and specials.


Click on the product you would like more information on, or would like to add to cart, for example T-Bone Steak. You will notice all our products are displayed with 2 prices, per kg and as a per pack price – please refer to our pricing FAQ below for an explanation.

Add T-Bone Steak to cart, by clicking the Add to Cart Button.  You can view your cart by clicking on the shop cart icon at the top right hand side of your screen, or mobile.


Once you have added all your items to cart, on the “View Cart” page, you can review your order. Choose click and collect, then click “update your cart” and proceed to place your order.


On the checkout page, enter your details.

Choose the day and time slot that you would like to click and collect, then proceed to payment to place your order.  Once your order is placed, you will receive an email from GCFMC to confirm the details and provide you an outline of next steps.  Please refer to our pricing and payment FAQ’s for more information on these steps

You will note that all of our products have 2 prices that are displayed – a per kg price and a per pack price, so you know what you are paying upfront for the item you are purchasing.
For example T-Bone steak is packaged on a medium size tray and contains 2 pieces, which weigh approx. 400 grams each, making the total amount for the tray determined by a per kilo price as follows:
Total Cost of 2 x 400g TBone Steaks = $23.20 for 800g = $28.99kg
We want to offer you the most accurate price when you are shopping online, so you will note that you can also choose small or large sizes of whole cuts of meat (e.g. brisket, or our pork roasts), or different size trays which contain more or less of each product (e.g. lamb cutlets, small tray or large tray)
All meat is a variable weight. When visiting us in-store you have the ability to select from a wide range of packets available, and no 2 packs are usually the same weight, so some items may be slightly less cost or slightly more than the prices we have displayed online. You will also notice via each product page that we display a minimum weight for an item, so that is the minimum weight you will receive in your order. It is not an exact science, and if you receive slightly more weight in your order, then bonus to you!

On occasion, if you have ordered a bulk amount of 1 type of product it may come packaged differently to how you have ordered, however the weight you receive will always been what you have paid for.  For example 10 bags of pets mince cubes at 1.3kg online = 13kg – we may not provide 10 bags, instead it may be 8 bags at varying weights, which will still amount to 13kg total.

As we have moved to a per pack pricing system online, you will need to pay for your order when you place it online. This can be done through our secure NAB Transact service which is a secure payment gateway third party provider, that complies with The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Your card details and personal information at time of payment is not stored by us, however transmitted to a PCI compliant hosting provider. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for further information.

We have also recently introduced Afterpay as an option for payment. This will display on the Checkout Page when you place your order, and will only display if your order is over $200 in value. Once you select this as a payment option, you will be redirected to the Afterpay website to finalise your payment.

Please refer to our Terms & Conditions for information on cancellations of orders and refund policy.

The best way to make changes to an order once it is submitted is to get in touch with us via email, or phone 07 5593 6333.  We can endeavour to accommodate changes and where applicable provide a refund, or issue a separate invoice for balance payment if required.  If cancelling the order, please refer to our Terms & Conditions.

When shopping online, we now only offer a Click and Collect service from our Burleigh Store, 64 Hutchinson Street, Burleigh Heads.

We take pride in being a trusted name for quality meat and do our utmost best everyday to deliver on customer expectations of our products.  If however for some reason you find that our service to you or our product has not met your expectations then the best thing to do is to get in contact immediately.

Please call or email our Manager at or 07 5593 6333.  From there we can asses the situation on a case by case basis and provide the best form of action.

Due to Health Regulations (sect 100) and the possibility of food tampering, we regret that we cannot refund or exchange unwanted purchases that have been taken from the shop or passed into your possession following delivery.

Cancelling an order prior to collection – we require a 12 hour notification if you do not wish to continue with your order.  At this stage we will be able to provide a full refund, however, if cancelling within the 12 hour period, a cancellation fee may apply.

Yes absolutely!! We get asked this one a lot over the phone – we have been a retail shop open to the public from day 1, 24 years ago.  Our factory at Burleigh Heads was custom built 12 years ago and houses our huge coolroom of fresh meat, plus all the state-of-the-art equipment we need to produce a fantastic range of products available for our customers.