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100% Natural Pet Food

Proudly introducing Taylor’s Pet Food.

We offer the absolute best produce in all the butcher standards – but the range goes well beyond with raw meat variety for your pets.  We believe in raw, balanced nutrition and high quality human grade ingredients to produce our best selling Taylor’s Pet Food range onsite.

Formulated and produced by us, our traditional mixes have been based with human grade Kangaroo meat, and now in this new phase, we introduce more mixes with added balanced ingredients, proteins and best of all – it’s all 100% Natural! No additives, just ingredients in their raw natural state.  Our range includes:

  • Kangaroo protein based minces

  • Bones & Offal

  • NEW! B.A.R.F Beef and Chicken Minces – based on popular Biologically Appropriate Raw Food diet for pets

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