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Freshest Mince & More

The Gold Coast's

We offer the absolute best produce in all the butcher standards – but the range goes well beyond and we take pride in creating our value added ranges. Take our Premium Beef Mince, which is made fresh. Every. Single. Day. Free from preservatives and using the freshest trim available, this dinner table staple is a must for every trolley. We also offer a range of other speciality minces.

If you don’t have time to turn your mince into tasty creations, then pick up a ready made burger or rissole. Three varieties available, all packed with flavour and a total winner. Shop the range below for click and collect from our Burleigh Store

  • Sausage Mince

    ($7.99/kg) $7.99
  • Lamb Mince

    ($18.99/kg) $15.20
  • Beef & Pork Mince

    ($12.99/kg) $10.40
  • Pork Mince

    ($10.99/kg) $8.80
  • Chicken Thigh Mince

    ($11.99/kg) $9.60
  • Chicken Breast Mince

    ($11.99/kg) $9.60
  • Premium Beef Mince

    ($16.99/kg) $14.45
  • Koftas

    ($15.99/kg) $10.70
  • Italian Meatballs

    ($16.99/kg) $11.20
  • Beef Burgers

    ($14.99/kg) $9.00
  • Beef Meatballs

    ($16.99/kg) $11.20

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