Hands up who loves Turkey at Christmas? We do!  So why wait until December to cook up a turkey feast?  Well you don’t because right now, we have plenty of turkey in-stock!  Perfect for a Christmas in July feast, here’s our guide to turkeys for you.

We source our Turkeys from Quast Turkeys, providing delicious turkey from the family farm to your family table. Quast Turkeys is a family owned and run business that has been operating at Tintinhull, near Tamworth, for over 60 years and 3 generations – find out more here.

Check out our products to decide which Turkey is right for you and click on the titles or images to place an order online.  Bonus – if you order online, you can receive free delivery!  Simply spend over $100 and have any turkey product listed here included within your order and we’ll deliver it for free!  Visit our Christmas in July page for more information.

Whole Turkey Frozen$8.99kg

comes in 4 sizes:

Small (3.5 – 4kg) – will feed between 9 – 15 people

Medium (5-6kg) – will feed between 15 – 25 people

Large (7-8kg) – will feed between 25 – 35 people

X Large (9-10kg – we only have a few left at this size) – will feed 40+ people

Turkey Buffet Frozen$9.99kg

comes in 3 different sizes:

Small (3 – 4kg) – will feed between 7 – 11 people

Medium (4 – 5kg) – will feed between 12 – 15 people

Large (5 – 6kg) – will feed between 15 – 20 people

Turkey Breast Roast$19.99kg – Coming soon!

Seasoned or Plain – approx 2-2.5kg and will feed around 6-10 people.  Seasoned comes in a variety of delicious premium stuffing mixes, including:

  • Apricot Macadamia
  • Sundried Tomato & Pistachio
  • Cranberry, Apple & Pistachio

So what about some cooking tips? We’ve got you covered with these tips from the Quast website:

THAWING – It is recommended that you thaw your turkey in the fridge, not on the bench or the kitchen sink.  Thawing time takes approximately 13 hours per kilo.

HOW LONG TO COOK – approx 45 minutes per kg

Cooking time for whole turkey and turkey buffet: 45 minutes per kilo plus 15 minutes approx for browning.
This time can be rounded up or down depending on how the cooking is going.
Avoid cooking the turkey too high up in the oven shelves as this may cause your turkey to brown too quickly or burn


  • Place a cake cooling rack in the baking pan and then place 3 generous strips of aluminium foil across the pan. The foil needs to be long enough to wrap around the bird easily with room to fold securely at the top.
  • Use your favourite stuffing to firmly fill both ends of the bird.  Place the bird in the centre of the foil and rub all over the skin with oil. Fold in the ends of the foil and then bring the longer pieces up to meet at the top. Scrunch these over and down to seal the turkey inside.
  • Baking and browning – ideally the oven will be on bake, not fan bake, at 160 degrees to begin.  Cook for the estimated time (45mins per kilo).  To brown, remove from the oven, increase the temperature to 200 degrees and place on fan bake.  Unwrap the foil  and return turkey to oven, cook for a further 15 minutes.

Top tip – turkeys must be cooked at a gentle temperature for an extended time for the white meat to remain moist and tender.